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Truck Cover

A Leading Name in Manufacturer of HDPE Tarpaulin, Lamination Rolls and Fabric Rolls

Today almost all the transport companies as well as numerous truck owners across the world use HDPE & LDPE tarpaulin truck covers because of their excellent features as compared to other materials used for making truck load covers. They are easy to use because of their high flexibility. They are also very reliable and offer excellent protection to the goods covered from bad weather, rain and moisture, u.v rays & heat of sunlight etc. They are strong and apt for heavy duty protection of the goods covered and are also very durable and resistant to tear and damage. They are resistant to chemicals and hygienic hence are used for covering a vast variety of products transported.

Our HDPE laminated tarpaulin rolls are immensely popular among the truck cover makers as they are high in quality available in customized sizes and of required GSM. They have rust-proof, sturdy & durable eyelets.

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